On the site of the journal Archives of Pediatrics, American scientists reveal that maternal nutrition, which may be easily enhanced by well-balanced dietary programs like those of Nutrisystem, plays a role in the risk of fetal malformations.

Maternal Nutrition: A Closer Look

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you how your baby is. This was what the team of  Suzan Carmichael of Stanford University (USA) sought to demonstrate. To achieve this, the researchers selected two groups of women. The first are the mothers who gave birth to healthy newborns and the second consist of those whose second babies were born with a malformation, which can include cases of oral clefts (cleft lip) and spina bifida, as well as malformation of the spinal cord responsible for paralysis of the legs and incontinence.

In both cases, the research team compared the diets of the women in the months before the conception of the child. They also looked into two indications: the “Mediterranean score” or MDS and food quality index, or FQI.

The Mediterranean score calculates the compliance with the principles of the Mediterranean diet. For each category of food, a score of 0 or 1 is assigned according to whether the consumer is located on one side or the other of the median value. Beneficial foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes – all of which are part of the Nutrisystem   menu), allegedly negative (meat and dairy) foods, and alcohol are studied. For alcohol, for example, a score of 1 is attributed to low to moderate consumption, which is greater than 0 but less than 30g per day, whereas “0” corresponds to zero consumption or up to 30g and more. At the end of the comparison, if the total score is high (maximum of 9), more of the food can be described as Mediterranean.

Food Quality Index or FQI pertains to the variety, quality, balance, and quantity of food.

Research Results: Will a Nutrisystem Regimen Do?

The result of the study is clear: increasing food quality, as assessed by either of these indexes, is associated with a reduction of two studied defects. In other words, the better we eat, the less the risk for fetal malformations. Which also goes to say

Mediterranean Diet and Folic Acid – Nutrisystem Has Them

But what does one eat to be better? Topping the list is the Mediterranean diet, which is  rich in vegetables and olive oil and is low in animal fat and sugars.

Incidentally, these are qualities that are also present in a balanced diet program like that of Nutrisystem.

We also know that a diet rich in vitamin B9 or folic acid halves the risk having a baby with anencephaly (no brain). It was in 2007 that Canadian researchers compared data on the number of births of babies with spina bifida before and after supplementation of vitamin B9 had been made mandatory in 1998 from several provinces of the country. There were 1.59 defects per 1,000 births before 1998; the number increased to 0.86 per 1,000 after that date.

As such, you can never say this often enough: For a healthy baby, go for healthy options. See whether the likes of Nutrisystem will work for you. If you came here looking for a Nutrisystem coupon code, please go to the homepage!