Good news for coffee drinkers! According to a study by researchers at Harvard Medical School, coffee lovers are less prone to depression.

Sounds like a similar effect of that of eating healthy, balanced meals like those from Nutrisystem, even if you use a Nutrisystem promo code.

It all started in 1996, in a study analyzing the mood of 50,000 American nurses and finding the links to their coffee consumption. In 2006, the findings of this study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, show that women who drink two or more cups of coffee per day had between 15 and 20% lower risk of developing depression.

Coffee as Anti-Depressant; What about Nutrition?

Of the 2,600 nurses prone to depression during those ten years, the majority were not amateur coffee drinkers. Previous studies have already demonstrated the link between depression and drinking coffee. Scientists have thus observed that the suicide rate was less important for coffee drinkers. Could it be the same with those engaging in healthy meal programs like that of Nutrisystem?

The only explanation remains in the action of caffeine on neurons. By altering its chemical exchanges, caffeine stimulates the brain and blocks certain chemical receptors, such as adenosine (which causes drowsiness).

However, even if other caffeine virtues are recognized, based on its action on lipid metabolism, its antidepressant potential is still to be confirmed. Scientists expect to clarify whether caffeine intake is a cause or a consequence of depression. It may be that people with depression reduce their coffee consumption as it may worsen some symptoms, such as anxiety or lack of sleep. A balanced diet via a plan like Nutrisystem’s may counteract this, though.

Professor Bertil Fredholm, an expert in pharmacology and physiology at the Swedish Karolinska Institute, wants to reassure fans of “little black”: “Despite all the efforts to show how much coffee is dangerous for us, it is not proving so,” he told the BBC. “Studies clearly show that, consumed in moderation, coffee is not part of the many things we do that are harmful to our health.’”

That can very well describe programs like Nutrisystem, too.